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IFM / Istanbul Istanbul Expo Center is located in World Trade Center Istanbul complex located across the International Ataturk Airport. The splendid facility could be easily reached by public transportation services and inside its premises there is a metro station.

Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) is Turkey's largest exhibition area. The center stretches over 249.000 m² and the overall rentable area is 98.000 m² consisting of 11 exhibition halls. 8 of these halls are run by WTC Istanbul's tenant CNR Expo, the rest (9-10-11) operated by WTC Istanbul.

Marble in Turkey

The most well-known marble types of Turkey in the international market are as follows: Süpren, Elazig Cherry, Aksehir Black, Manyas White, Bilecik Beige, Tiger Skin, Denizli Travertine, Aegean Claret, Milas Lilac, Gemlik Diabase and Afyon Sugar.Natural stone sector couldn’t reach its real potential within our economy for many years. When taken into the scope of Mining Legislation in 1985, the sector has entered a new era and since then, the sector grew year by year. Today natural stone sector has become leading sector in terms of mining exports.Today, in marble production classical methods have been replaced by modern methods. Marble processing capacities are continuously growing and the number of marble plants functioning with modern technologies are increasing. As a result of those our exports, which were of block marble for many years, are now - to a high proportion - finished goods.In the marble sector there are 2.560 marble quarries, 1.500 small and medium-sized factories, and 7.500 workshops, employing close to 250.000 people. Almost all of the production is carried out by the private sector. The annual production of natural stones in Turkey was around 5 million m3 in 2014.

Marble is exported in block form, or as cut and polished. The product with the highest added value in the export of natural stones is processed marble and processed travertine. The export potential of the sector is developing at pace, in parallel with investments. Between 2003 - 2015 our exports of natural stones rose by 333% from 1,5 million tons to 6,5 million tons.Revenues from exports have decreased from 2,1 billion dollars in 2014 to 1,9 billion dollars in 2015. 53,7% of the exports of natural stones in 2015 were processed products.The country in first place in the exports of travertine, which constitute the most important part of exports, is the USA. The USA is followed by Iraq and Saudi Arabia.The most important buyer of block marble is the People’s Republic of China. This country is followed, in order, by India and Taiwan.The Turkish natural stones sector, which was in eighth place in the exports of natural stones just a few years ago, moved up to fifth place as of 2006. Especially for marble and travertine exports, Turkey has left China, Italy and Spain behind in 2009, and became the country realizing the largest amount of exports.

How to reach fairground

Istanbul Expo Center Venue is established next to Ataturk International Airport derives benefit for international visitors to be able to use their time efficiently.
M1 Aksaray - Airport Metro istation
M1A Yenikapı - Airport Metro istation

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